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Hoping to lower your payments? Auto Money can help! We’re proud to report that we’ve successfully lowered monthly payments for thousands of our valued customers.

Because our team believes that your financial stability should not depend solely on your credit score, we provide assistance to all types of customers. 

If you already have a car title pawn but feel that you are paying too much, our team will present various options for refinancing your car title pawn with a lower rate.

You’ve got nothing to lose – and savings to gain! Contact our team today to determine if a car title pawn refinance is right for you!




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• Fast Cash Today • Any Car, Any Year • High Approval Rates • Past Bankruptcies & Bad Credit OK • You Can Keep Driving Your Car •



Step 1: Contact Auto Money directly.

Step 2: Give your current pawn information to a qualified Pawn Officer

Step 3: Allow Auto Money’s Pawn Officer to show you how much you could potentially save each month.

Step 4: Send in all the necessary documents and items the Pawn Officer needs.

Step 5: Start enjoying lower payments!


  • Up to $20,000 Approval*

Bring your car in for an appraisal and, if approved, you may leave with a significant amount of cash in your pocket. Yes, it’s really that simple and straightforward!


  • Available with Any Car, Any Year

At Auto Money, we have the right pawn for you, as long as you have a lien-free car – regardless of year, mileage, or condition. We can provide you with a title pawn up to $20,000* if your car is paid off and you can legally drive it to our store, so come see us today! 


  • Fair or Bad Credit Accepted – with No Insurance Needed

If you have a car that is already paid off, as well as a car title and ID, we can help! All you need to do is stop by one of our many locations in-person to start the process. The best part? Your credit score or insurance is not a determining factor for eligibility! Even out-of-state plates or temporary tags shouldn’t be a problem!’


  • Ability to Keep Driving Your Vehicle

When you get a title pawn with Auto Money, your car stays in your possession. That means you can keep driving it while you pay off your title pawn! We’ll keep your car’s title as collateral, but once you’ve paid us back, we’ll return the title back to you.


  • Instant Approval

Here at Auto Money, our simple, stress-free process typically takes less than 30 minutes!


  • Same-day Cash

Need cash in a hurry? We’ve got you covered at Auto Money! Stop by today and leave with cash in your hand!


  • Most Credit Types Accepted

We provide options that the banks won’t when you need fast cash the most. Auto Money accepts most credit types, so you won’t need to wait for days or even weeks to get your hands on the money you need.

  • Competitive Rates Available

We always offer highly competitive rates and affordable payment options. We’ll adjust your title pawn payment to match your budget, so you know you’re getting the best deal available.

  • Access to Our Referral Program

If you refer someone to Auto Money for a title pawn, you will get a check for $50*! You don’t even need any sort of relationship with us! Refer a friend, family member, or even a stranger – just help us spread the word. Refer today and get rewarded!

  • Foreign IDs Accepted

In order to verify your identity, we will accept any valid government-issued ID, from any country. That means your foreign ID is perfectly acceptable here at Auto Money!

  • Bad Credit or Prior Bankruptcy Not a Problem

No matter your credit score or financial background, Auto Money can help. All we need to do is appraise your vehicle’s value and ensure you’re able to repay the title pawn. Good, fair, or bad credit is accepted! You’re even eligible if you have a prior bankruptcy.

  • Genuine Customer Engagement Provided 

We understand that life can be unpredictable, leaving you in need of fast cash. If you ever find yourself short on funds, please give us a call. We’re happy to help!

  • Convenient Schedule – Open 6 Days a Week

Our dedicated team is available to help you 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. While you’re welcome to ask more about title pawns online, remember that all applications must be completed in person. So come see us today!


If you have a title loan or title pawn with another company, Auto Money may pay it off at a lower interest rate!



Be sure to bring the following with you:

  • Government Issued Photo ID – such as a driver’s license.
  • Proof of Residency – such as a utility bill.
  • Proof of Income – such as a paystub or bank statement.
  • Photos of the Vehicle – take photos straight from your mobile device and text them in!
  • Qualifying Vehicle Title – with the owner’s name on it.
  • References – professional or personal.

Note: You may be asked for additional documentation, but only to confirm your information. 


• Fast Cash Today • Any Car, Any Year • High Approval Rates • Past Bankruptcies & Bad Credit OK • You Can Keep Driving Your Car •

Title Pawn FAQS

Will Auto Money buy out my title pawn?

Sure! Auto Money will buy out your title pawn from a competing lender, then help you apply for a new secured title pawn – often with a lower payment and more affordable interest rate options.

For details, contact us directly.

Where can I refinance my title pawn in Georgia?

Auto Money offers more than 80 locations within the Southeast. If you would like to lower your monthly payments, you are welcome to reach out to us directly. We will guide you through the simple process and help you refinance your pawn with terms that are a better fit for you. Let’s get started!

View: Store Locator

Can I refinance my title pawn to lower my monthly payments?
One advantage of refinancing your current car title pawn is the potential to reduce your monthly payment. Keep in mind that, because your interest rate is dependent on your credit score, not everyone will qualify for the same APR. For instance, higher credit scores may qualify for lower interest rates, while lower scores may only qualify for higher rates.
Can I refinance my title pawn to prevent default?

If you’re behind on your payments, refinancing may be the best solution to prevent defaulting on your title pawn. When you refinance your current pawn with Auto Money, we’ll pay off the old pawn and provide you with a new one. If you’re worried about late payments, get in touch today.

Can I refinance my title pawn to avoid repossession?

With a car title pawn, the lender maintains a lien against your vehicle. So, if you don’t make payments on time, the lender can legally repossess your vehicle.

If this is a concern, refinancing may help! When you refinance, the new lender pays off the old pawn and provides a new pawn in its place.

Once the pawn is paid in full, the lien is removed from the vehicle to prevent repossession.

Will refinancing my car title pawn result in a lower interest rate?

Many borrowers refinance to get a lower interest rate. This makes it easier to pay off the pawn and of course, saves you money over time.

Because your credit score factors into your interest rate, you may qualify for a lower interest rate than when you initially applied.

Savings vary from one customer to the next, so contact us directly to find out what we can do for you!

What can I use as proof of income?

You may use any of the following as proof of income:

  • Social Security
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Settlement
  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Disability
What’s the application process for refinancing a title pawn?

The refinance process is very similar to your initial pawn application. Your current pawn and financial situation will first be evaluated before determining if you are eligible for a more favorable car title pawn.

When you apply to refinance your pawn, we’ll need to:

  •   Check your credit score
  •   Gain access to your current car title
  •   Appraise your car’s value
  •   Determine your ability to repay the pawn

All Auto Money needs from you is your car title! We’ll check your credit and handle the rest.

If I don’t have my vehicle’s title, is there a way to refinance a title pawn?

No, your vehicle’s title is required to submit a pawn refinance application. If your vehicle’s title is lost or damaged, you can get a replacement title by contacting your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You will need to fill out a replacement title application and pay a fee in order to obtain this document. You can either receive the new title for your vehicle by mail or in person at a local DMV office.

Helpful Resources: 

South Carolina DMV

Georgia DMV

Can I be a qualified borrower for a car title pawn refinance if I’m still making payments on the vehicle?

Many people wrongly assume that they won’t qualify for a car title pawn refinance if they are still paying off their original pawn from the car dealership. Not at Auto Money! We may still be able to refinance your title pawn, even if you have another lender associated with the title. 

There is one exception, however. If you owe the car dealer more than the car is worth, you may not be eligible to refinance.

What would make someone NOT eligible for car title pawn refinancing?

If you do not meet these requirements, you may not be eligible:

  • Possess a clean car title
  • Grant permission to run a credit check
  • Partially or totally own your vehicle
  • Have equity in your vehicle

Please note that vehicles with a salvage title (indicating serious damage) are not eligible for a title pawn. These vehicles are considered a “total loss” by the insurance company and cannot be used as collateral.

Will a refinanced pawn offer me even more money?

It depends. Depending on the situation, you might be able to borrow more money by refinancing.

Are there fees associated with refinancing a title pawn?

Just as with most pawns, refinancing a title pawn has some fees associated with it. These are detailed in your paperwork, so you can review all terms, including pawn fees, before accepting the new pawn. You may also be subject to additional fees for late payments. If you have any questions, reach us directly to learn more.

    Can I refinance my motorcycle title pawn?

    Just like a car title pawn, a motorcycle title pawn is eligible for refinancing.

    What do I need to refinance a motorcycle title pawn?

    In order to refinance a motorcycle title pawn, you must provide the following documentation:

    • Valid car title in your name
    • Proof of residence (certain pieces of mail accepted)
    • Photos of your car (taken from the front, back, and sides)
    • Proof of Income
    • Government-issued I.D. (driver’s license, state I.D., passport, etc.)
    What is a car title pawn buyout?

    A car title pawn buyout, in general, involves one party making a significant monetary contribution that benefits another party.

    For instance, if a borrower is still making payments on their car, an auto title pawn company can lend enough money to cover the balance owed. When borrowers have an existing pawn, but want to get a new one with a new lender, they can refinance their pawn. In most cases, refinancing may result in a lower interest rate, lower monthly payments, better title pawn terms, and more benefits!

    What happens if I can’t pay my refinanced car title pawn back?

    If you’re having trouble making your pawn payment each month, contact your lender immediately to avoid repossession of your vehicle.

    Once a borrower misses enough payments to go into default, their lender may be required to send them a right to cure notice. This lets the borrower know that they have a grace period during which they can still repay the balance of the pawn. Once that grace period expires, the lender can begin trying to repossess the car. Lenders typically auction off repossessed vehicles.

    Do car title pawn refinances come with hidden fees?

    If you refinance your pawn with a local lender you trust, there shouldn’t be any extra fees hidden in your pawn terms.

    We believe that terms should be easy to understand, without balloon payments or prepayment penalties. That’s why borrowers trust Auto Money!

    How do lenders decide if they will approve refinancing for a car title pawn?

    When determining eligibility, lenders use a similar process for refinancing as they do when providing the initial pawn. The amount of the pawn is dependent on:

    • Value of your car
    • Your monthly income
    • Length of the pawn
    Can I extend the length of my refinanced car title pawn?

    In some cases, you may be able to extend the length of your refinanced car title pawn.

    Lenders usually permit borrowers to roll their pawns over by providing them with a new car title pawn covering the balance of the original one. While there may be some fees associated, borrowers may enjoy a lower pawn rate and an extended time for repayment.


      If you have a title loan or title pawn with another company, Auto Money may pay it off at a lower interest rate!




      • Fast Cash Today • Any Car, Any Year • High Approval Rates • Past Bankruptcies & Bad Credit OK • You Can Keep Driving Your Car •


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      If you have a title loan or title pawn with another company, Auto Money may pay it off at a lower interest rate!


      Title Loans in South Carolina

      A title loan is a quick and easy way to get the cash you need, using your vehicle’s title for collateral instead of your credit score. The amount will be determined by our expert appraisers. Auto Money offers competitive interest rates and gives you the most money for your title with instant approval. And the best part is, you get to keep driving your vehicle!

      SC Consumer Loans: Your Rights and Responsibilities

      Disclaimer: This is a high interest loan. You should go to another source if you have the ability to borrow at a lower rate of interest. You are placing your vehicle at risk if you default on this loan.

      Title Pawns in Georgia

      A title pawn is a quick and easy way to get the cash you need, using your vehicle’s title as collateral towards borrowing money. At our Georgia Auto Money stores, you have 30 days to repay the title pawn. If you are unable to pay off the balance within 30 days, Auto Money’s professional and courteous staff is available to discuss repayment options with you.

      Title Loans in North Carolina

      Disclaimer: At Auto Money, we uphold all federal and state laws related to Title Loans. Title loan transactions are prohibited within the state of North Carolina.

      Disclosure: This website is a solicitation for an auto title loan or pawn. This solicitation is not a unilateral contract or a guaranteed offer. All title loans and title pawns and the amount of the title loans or title pawns are subject to Auto Money’s approval that is contingent on several underwriting factors such as a completed loan or pawn application, your employment status, monthly income, and a vehicle evaluation.

      * $20,000 instant approval loan or pawn amount is the maximum an applicant can receive. Actual amount of title loan or title pawn is subject to vehicle appraisal by an Auto Money employee and a complete application is required to be submitted and approved in-person by the party requesting a title loan or title pawn. Certain limitations apply. All title loans or title pawns issued by Auto Money are subject to the customer’s ability to repay the title loan or title pawn.

      ** is not an online lender. Applications are not processed or approved online. Personal information other than resumes that you submit to this website is an inquiry to receive more information regarding a title loan or title pawn from Auto Money. Any information you submit to this website will be forwarded to the Auto Money office closest to the ZIP code you have provided for the purposes of contacting you about a title loan or title pawn. Once your information is received and processed, you will be contacted by an Auto Money representative. Submitting your application is an agreement to be contacted by a member of our staff.

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