Making extra cash has never been easier!

The communities we’re proud to call home are important to us, so we decided to give a little something back. That’s why we developed our Auto Money Referral Program. For every friend, family member or even total stranger you refer to us that takes out a title loan or title pawn with Auto Money, we will write you a check for $25*. You don’t even need to be one of our customers!

How does it work? That’s the best part! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Encourage someone who is seeking a title loan or title pawn to visit their local Auto Money office.
  2. Ask them to list your name on their application under the referral section.
  3. Once the person you refer completes an application and takes out a title loan or title pawn with Auto Money, you will be eligible to receive your check for $25*.

Just think of it as our way of saying thank you to the residents of each community who have supported Auto Money throughout South Carolina and Georgia!

*Terms and conditions: The referring party is paid $25 only if the customer they refer receives a title loan or title pawn with Auto Money. All title loans and title pawns require vehicle appraisal and approval.

If you have any questions, contact your local Auto Money office and a representative will explain the referral process in detail. Click on the Find a Location button below to locate the nearest Auto Money.